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The Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts is the newcomer of the Calgary's vibrant arts community, as it supports artists, performers, and nonprofits in our own backyard. The Taylor Centre believes in promoting local and international talent alike – which means no act is too big or too small for our concert hall.

To support that vision, the Taylor Centre curates its own concert series to ensure that a diverse and exciting range of performers appear on the Bella stage – including concerts, theatre, talks and dance productions – that are open to all Calgarians.

Beyond hosting 300 events per year, the Taylor Centre is home to the Calgary Youth Orchestra and the world renowned Mount Royal Conservatory. These programs are the perfect example of where the arts and academia meet and serve to enhance the cultural profile of our campus and city.

The Taylor Centre is essential to a vibrant arts community in Calgary. Investing in the arts is investing where you live. The arts has the power to inspire and transform lives, and provides a nexus by which we can connect us to our communities, our neighbors, and ourselves.

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Ticket Donations

If you can no longer use your complimentary tickets, if you would like to increase the audience for your show, or if you're just feeling generous, there are a variety of organizations in Calgary that would be happy to take any extra tickets you have.

Kids Up Front and Big Brothers Big Sisters Calgary among many others, all accept tickets to a wide range of performances.

If you'd like to donate tickets, you can follow the procedure on each of the organizations' websites – by either forwarding your confirmation email to them or mailing them your tickets directly.

If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 403.440.5501 or


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We think our sponsors are truly the best of the best. Because of their partnership, creativity and passion for the arts, we are able to bring awe-inspiring performances to the Bella Concert Hall.


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