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Watch and listen to Timothonius Alai, Calgary-based jazz pianist, music producer and educator talk about his experience as a BIPOC musician, what he loved about studying at the MRU Conservatory and what it means to Centre the Arts in our city.



You will also find local online shows, stories and videos available for you to enjoy at Taylor Centre Online!

Sweater Season

In response to the pandemic, the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts, in concert with Local Laundry, launched Sweater Season. This unique content series includes interviews, videos, playlists and more, sharing different perspectives on what it means to Centre the Arts. Learn what Sweater Season is all about! 

Listen to a podcast episode with Connor Curran, Local Laundry's chief laundry folder, Phil Cimolai, general manager of the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts, and Brad Mahon, dean of the faculty of Continuing Education and Conservatory talk about the process to create the Centre the Arts campaign, why a local collaboration was important, the significance of the sweater and toque design, as well as what it means to Centre the Arts as an organization.

We had a conversation with Calgary Folk Fest about how it has stabilized the arts community amidst a global pandemic, the challenge of pushing forward with virtual events and what’s next for the festival. Folk Fest fans can read more in our interview with Sara Leishman, Executive Director of Calgary Folk Music Festival.    

Listen to Revv52's Sweater Season playlist and read about the group's experience finding inspiration, well-being and community through music during COVID-19. We interviewed artistic director John Morgan along with performers Ken Wilson and Manuella Scotton who share their journeys with Revv52.

We spoke with Wordfest's CEO and Creative Ringleader, Shelley Youngblut, about taking the virtual plunge and diving into the world of online events with huge success. Read the full story and find out what your favourite literary leaders are up to. 

Watch a special performance by Calgary Youth Orchestra tuba player, Aine Kay Sison. Aine Kay defines what it means to Centre the Arts and shares her learnings with young musicians, along with the advice she received from Øystein Baadsvik, a Norwegian professional tuba soloist. 

Hear from Dean Brad Mahon who gives a unique perspective on the beauty of the Bella and shares the Taylor Centre's definition of what it means to Centre the Arts, along with how the campaign came to life. 

We were thrilled to chat with Kate Stevens, Calgary-based R&B/soul singer-songwriter, MRU Conservatory alumna and YYC Music Awards Solo Artist of the Year. She shares her journey creating music during COVID-19 and how surviving a global pandemic doesn't need to be a productivity contest. Read the whole story. 

Mary Kate Aquino is a local singer-songwriter and a fourth-year public relations student at Mount Royal University. Mary Kate shares her experience of performing at the Bella Concert Hall and delights us with two original songs, Shadow Home and Your Eyes. Watch her interview and listen to her tunes! 

Honens International Piano Competition President & CEO, Neil Edwards, talks with the Taylor Centre about overcoming pandemic-related hurdles and unexpected outcomes. Read what he has to say and discover their new podcast! 


Mount Royal Kantorei released a presentation of Please Stay: An Anthem for Hope and Suicide Prevention by composer Jake Runestad. This outstanding virtual performance explores the complex and important subject of suicide, suicide prevention and intends to help destigmatize mental health.

Watch a recap of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald performing at the Bella in 2019. To hear his new music, visit Apple Music or Spotify.

Watch this 2019 highlight video to get a glimpse of Calgary's unique live show experience, Dave Kelly Live, in the Bella Concert Hall. DKL is packed with performances, music, art, games and real stories. We can’t wait for the next season!

Barney Bentall & The Cariboo Express performed a benefit concert in support of Classroom Champions at the Bella Concert Hall in November 2019. Backed by The Gold Rush All Stars, this incredible event was full of laughter and storytelling through contemporary songwriting.

We've welcomed many artists and performers to the Bella Concert Hall including Tegan and Sara, Paul Brandt, Skydiggers, Matt Mays, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Dave Kelly Live, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary Youth Orchestra and more. Watch this recap video to get a glimpse at some of the incredible shows from previous seasons.

The Rocky Mountain Taiko Ensemble is one of our resident MRU Conservatory performers. Watch the ensemble perform at GlobalFest 2019.

Watch the Mount Royal Kantorei Choir perform “We Lift Our Eyes”. The choir was set to perform this piece at the 2020 Cork International Choral Festival and while the performance was cancelled due to COVID-19, the Kantorei Choir continues to keep spirits up with this beautiful video showcase.

Our friends at Revv52 put together a special video playlist just for the Taylor Centre! Revv52 opened at the Bella in January 2016 and has performed on our stage every season since. Be sure to check out the other videos posted to Revv52’s Youtube channel for a ton of living room dance party tunes!

Inspired by the beauty of The Bella? Watch a behind-the-scenes video that looks at the architecture and process that went into creating our world-class concert hall.



Despite his global experience and international success, Canadian conductor and Mount Royal Conservatory alumnus Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser considers himself to be an Albertan through and through. Having lived and thrived in the province for 30 years before relocating to pursue work as a professional orchestral conductor, Bartholomew-Poyser has always challenged industry norms, particularly around consumers and performers of orchestral music. Read our story about his journey! 

If you haven’t heard about JANN, the half-hour, hit CTV comedy is a quasi-fictionalized reflection of the life of Calgary-based singer/songwriter Jann Arden. The show filmed on Mount Royal University’s campus for seven days in October 2019, in addition to multiple visits during the scouting and organizing process. The creators of the show were so taken with the colour of the upholstery of the seats in the Bella Concert Hall that they sprinkled it throughout the show’s episodes. Read the full article.

Throughout the pandemic, Mount Royal University Conservatory Advanced Performance Program students Luka Coetzee and Typhen Chan gave unique one-on-one performances over the phone at two Calgary seniors’ residences as part of a project organized by United Active Living. Read the full story.

MRU Conservatory and Ambrose University established a partnership to allow Conservatory students to complete Bachelors of Music at Ambrose University. Under this agreement, MRU Conservatory’s Advanced Performance Program students will be able to apply for and complete their Bachelor of Music. Read more about this Calgary-based Bachelors of Music program!

Virtual Shows

Don’t miss Exposure Photography Festival from now until Feb. 28, 2021. The festival returns for its 17th year with over 190 visual artists and exhibitions taking place both online and at various galleries and venues throughout Alberta.

Have you checked out Wordfest’s new free broadcast channel? An extension of what started out as Online Happy Hour, Imagine On Air assembles the best writers, the biggest thinkers, the most innovative creators, all in one virtual place every Thursday and many weekends too. 

Learn more about Winter Solace, a virtual series created in partnership between the Instrumental Society of Calgary, Alberta Health Services, the Asylum for Art, and with support from the Calgary Foundation. The series features many familiar faces from the MRU Conservatory among other talented musicians. Winter Solace aims to bring comfort and community to hospital and long-term care patients, their families and health-care workers via live-streamed performances but it is open to everyone. The series started in Dec. 2020 but all past performances are still available online. Watch now.

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra launched a four-part online series, An Orchestra Adventure, featuring Associate Conductor Karl Hirzer for a fun and educational tour of the Orchestra. This kid-friendly series will take children on a musical journey highlighting the four sections that make up a symphony orchestra including woodwinds, strings, brass and percussions. Parents, educators and children are encouraged to tune in to watch these 15-minute webisodes now available online.

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